Live Web Chat

Live Web Chat - First Rate PA

Most customers now expect to see a live chat on a website. By offering this service on your website, you are more likely to engage with that potential customer and lead them through your sales funnel. Our Live Web Chat service can provide support via your website, offering your customers/clients an instant response to their questions.

Let us help you by:

  • Creating and managing your web chat box on your website, our in-house IT specialist can plug it into your website for you.
  • Being part of your team and giving your customers the answers to their questions in live time.
  • Obtaining your potential customer details, so you can contact them knowing you are fully prepared to answer their enquiry.
  • Provide you with a full transcript of all your live chats.
Live Web Chat - First Rate PA

Our Live Webchat services are tailored to support your business needs.