digital audio transcription

Digital Audio Transcription - First Rate PA

Digital audio transcription is all about turning the spoken word into the written word. We know that digital audio transcription isn’t for everyone but for those who frequently need their dictation transcribed, finding a good digital audio transcriber is an integral part of your everyday business.

Here at First Rate PA we take the time to accurately transcribe your digital recordings, making sure you have a well written accurate account of your discussion, in a smartly presented document format of your choosing. Taking the time to transcribe file formats such as MP3’s, WAV and Windows Media, into proof read written documents.

Transcribed dictation such as:

  • Interviews
  • Legal documents
  • Medical dictation
  • Conferences
  • Media and television
  • Academic reports
  • Coaching sessions
  • Webinars
Digital Audio Transcription - First Rate PA

Working with First Rate PA you’ll find that the service we provide is to a high and efficient standard, making you wonder how you have managed without us.