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5 Working From Home Essentials

There is always a routine to working from home. Some people can work in their PJ’s, others need to be dressed and in their shoes before they start work. But however you get into that working mindset some things need to be the same. Here are our 5 simple working from home essentials.

1. Broadband

As simple as it sounds making sure you have an efficient internet connection can be the making or breaking of your business.

2. Equipment

Making sure you have the right tools for the job is essential. Some of us need a working phone and PC or Mac, where others need a workshop filled with tools for creating. Just make sure you have these before you become self-employed.

3. Work Space

Simple we know. But if you don’t have a designated place to work and store your work essentials. You could spend all day searching around the house for what you need and not get anything done!

4. Working Hours

Setting these from the off will be your sanity saver. Now we’re not saying you need to set strict 9am-5pm working hours, some people do work better at night. But giving yourself times when you are working means there is more chance of shutting off from work and having a better work/home balance. Also, it’s a good excuse to not answer the phone on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

5. Build a Network

Connecting with people outside your friends and family can give you a chance to build a network of self-employed friends. They will be in the same boat as you. Making meeting them for a coffee and bouncing ideas off each other invaluable for their business as well as your own.

These are just a few simple things we have found invaluable at First Rate PA and thought sharing them could help you too.

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